Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Baby

Tony and I have now been married for just over 2 years. And recently, we've been taking about babies. You know, I'm in my 30s. And married. It's about time...

But I am nervous and a little scared. Not for this opportunity for Tony and I. But because we have so much on our plates right now. We travel a lot. It's all for work too. So it's not like that is going to slow down anytime soon. Being that our store is in LA, and I get most of my work done in CA, you would think we'd move out there permanently. But we like our hometown. And our home.

Then you have to look at the work schedule itself. Lola is my biggest client by far. Also one of my very best friends! But she is definitely doing less work than she was 2-3 years ago. Mostly because of her health. But the fact that she has found a man to love and grow a relationship, also has some part. And you can't blame her. Trying to fit in her work schedule, with his. He has to travel like 4o something weeks a year! So she's working less.

But there is still work. We still do shows with Lola. And with those shows comes a lot of work. Handwork done by me, and me alone. For 1 show, we're looking at 7-10 different outfits. That's just for the show! Then she usually needs clothing for appearances and photo shoots. If the girls are performing with her, that's more work. At least 50 different outfits for 1 show! And if it's the band, that's easily 15 different shirts, multiplied by however many they order. Usually 5 sets.

So there's a lot of work. And until Lola decides to really slow down, I don't really see Tony and I have a baby anytime soon. It makes me a little sad. But I can't imagine hand stitching costumes until 3am with a crying baby. Or flying back and forth to LA 3-4 X's a month.

Until then, Tony and I are just going to enjoy married life. We LOVE it! And have decided to slow down a little this summer. Just enjoy our hometown, family, and friends. Most of all, enjoy each other. Because what's the rush? God has our entire lives already planned out for us.