Monday, January 25, 2010


Tony and I recently decided to buy out our silent partner. It was just the right time. And our silent partner was actually looking at getting out. But it's a ton of responsibility!

When I was first began my business, I was single. And doing it out of my home. It was working well. And I did a lot, or I should say, I only did personal and custom designs. I began working with Lola. Designing for her shows. And I was selling formal gowns and wedding gowns to old customers. Customers that I had had in a boutique that I had worked at. And I was just doing my best.

Then I got a good opportunity. To open my own boutique in LA. I took the chance. I kept designing for Lola. And I kept making wedding gowns. But I opened my own boutique and line. I took on 2 silent partners. One being my husband Tony. At the time, we didn't know each other. More on that later. :)

And for a few years now, things have been going great. But it was just time for the next move. Tony and I are now the only owners of both my boutique and line. It's pretty incredible to be honest. And we just signed the papers. Now I really feel like I need to pour hours and hours into my designs. This is our future we're talking about!